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    Hi Guys,

    I’ve been playing the DayZ Mod Dystopia Server every day this week without fail, 6+ hours a day and not had any problems. However, today, for the last 5 hours I’m constantly getting stuck at the “Setup Complete, please wait…” screen. I’ve waited up to 30 mins each time at that screen and nothing. There’s been no update or changes to my computer, its been working fine all week and earlier today and i dont know what to do, seems to be little/no help online. I have tried restarting everything 7-8 times and restarting my computer, nothing.

    Seems bizarre how it all of a sudden stopped working but if anyone can help that’d be much appreciated. Cheers. Weasel



    I’M BACK ON! ok so after trying again this morning, i verified file integrity of my Arma 2 OA game in steam, there was 1 file missing/need updating and I’m back on again!! so happy, thought id leave a reply just in case someone else is experiencing the same thing.


    Most of the time, errors you get on arma are 9/10 client sided. This server is to damn good to be the problem !!! #RandallIsBae<3

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