DayZ patch 1.8.7

DayZ patch 1.8.7

DayZ patch 1.8.7

The DayZ mod devs are working on a new dayz patch.

This is the rolling Development change log for 1.8.7

[New] – Added Shovel to replace etool eventually
[New] – Water bottles can now be emptied.
[New] – Crowbar & BaseBat can now knock out a player if hit in the head.
[New] – Preset system for variables. (Custom,Classic,Vanilla,Elite)
[New] – dayz_nutritionValuesSystem Variable to disable the current nutrition system in vanilla (part of the preset system).

[New] – Loot spawning system.
[New] – PKM light machine gun.
[New] – New weapons: L110A1, UK59, RPK

[New] – New attachments:
    M4A1 ACOG
    M16A4 ACOG
    G36C ACOG
    SA58 RIS, CCO, Holo, ACOG, flashlight (RIS required for other attachments)
    M240 CCO, Holo
    L110A1 CCO, Holo
    RPK Kobra, PSO-1
[New] – New magazines:
    50 round UK59
    75 round RPK
    100 round M249

[Updated] – added 200 extra thirst values to all sodas.
[Updated] – Negative effects for rain and night time temperatures.
[Updated] – Cleaned up animations.
[Updated] – Cooked meat nutrition values updated by 300 points, Raw food updated to be half of the cooked values.
[Updated] – Ai seek and Movement systems.
[Updated] – Tinned foods by 300 points of nutrition.
[Updated] – Slowed down Water & Food consumption, (Food is consumed faster then water).

[Updated] – DMR scope is no longer compatible with nightvision goggles.
[Updated] – PK magazine model.
[Updated] – Loot balance
[Updated] – Mi17 hitpoints for glass.
[Updated] – Camera shake when inpain or low on water updated.

[Fixed] – Fixed an issue with zed global numbers.
[Fixed] – Crossbow flashlight for models (Crossbow_CCO_FL,Crossbow_Scoped_FL).
[Fixed] – Config class issue with PDW_DZ
[Fixed] – Matchbox’s are given a random amount on spawn.
[Fixed] – Dismantle message showing item,chance,replacement items too Item Name
[Fixed] – SVD Ghillie icon and name

[Fixed] – Changed Winchester RPM from 60 to 120.
[Fixed] – Changed MR43 RPM from 30 to 600.
[Fixed] – Jumping is now possible while unarmed.
[Fixed] – Weapon is now automatically raised again after getting off of a ladder.
[Fixed] – Opening gear while holding a pistol no longer causes the player to get up.
[Fixed] – Dropping pistol while having no primary weapon no longer causes player to get up.
[Fixed] – transitions between kneeling rifle and kneeling unarmed.
[Fixed] – BE kick for m4a1 pickup from POIS.
[Fixed] – Humanity reward for giving epen and morphine to others.
[Fixed] – Tripwire Traps should now work correctly.
[Fixed] – Dropping primary weapon while kneeling and having no sidearm no longer causes the player to get up.
[Fixed] – Using the DShKM on the offroad no longer turns on the engine
[Fixed] – Antibiotics can now be given to remote players
[Fixed] – Temp solution to the missing magazines sync issue.
[Fixed] – Hit point issues with SUV,ATV’s
[Fixed] – Missing magazines on login.
[Fixed] – Setting fire to tents no longer takes the hole box of matches.
[Fixed] – Mozin Sound falloff and recoil.

[Removed] – FnFal burst firemode.

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